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My time as a mentor in FundedHere thus far has been very fulfilling. Seeing young entrepreneurs with their desire for success makes me feel as though I am looking in a mirror. As such, this makes me inclined to help nurture them to be better entrepreneurs. Seeing them grow along with their business brings me great joy and I truly feel that only FundedHere can offer such an unique experience and for that, I am grateful for this opportunity. To many more years together!

Elim Chew, Founder and President of 77th Street, Co-Founder, FastFast.Delivery, ICSB Women Entrepreneurial Leader

Being in the green sector, I revel in delight the creation of FundedHere who is adamant in driving campaigns aimed in helping the environment! I am ecstatic to know how the younger generation feels so strongly about saving the environment! FundedHere is a great platform to witness the initiation and development of start-ups from different sectors and yet with the common objective - to make the world a better place. With such a sublime platform to mentor young entrepreneurs for a good cause, who wouldn’t want to be onboard?

Susan Chong, CEO of Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd, EY Entrepreneur of the Year, 2014, President of the Enterprise 50 Association

I have been very impressed with FundedHere’s professionalism during my time as a mentor. When it’s time to get down to business, they are very meticulous and hardworking. Being someone who cherishes relationships, I am very grateful that the team from FundedHere is someone you can depend on once work is done! The people from FundedHere are truly both a confidant and an excellent colleague. A two in one!

Ng Tiong-Gee, Director at Global Yellow Pages Limited

One of the reasons why I decided to work together with FundedHere was because I could see the grit and determination all of their team members had which I know isn’t very common in society today. Fortunately, I am glad to say that my view isn’t wrong! Till this day, I have never met a more focused group of people who does their job very diligently and it makes my job as an investor a lot easier. Here’s to many years of working together!

Marco Dharmajaya, Professional Investor

In all my years of experience in investing, I would have to say that FundedHere has one of the best, if not the best platform for me to do it. Not only are they very efficient, they are also a very humble group of people that makes it a joy to work with them. This makes me feel more assured about my investments as I know that it has gone through the filtering process from FundedHere. I would highly recommend both investors and startups to try FundedHere!

Thang CK, Accredited Investor
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To begin fundraising on FundedHere, companies have to go through a rigorous selection process to determine whether they are suitable investments to present to our ecosystem of investors.

Libra Group Limited

Integrated Building Solutions Provider
BTC Corporation Holdings Pty Ltd

BTC Corp is building the infrastructure to onboard the masses to Bitcoin all around the world by providing fiat-to-crypto conversion in thousands of retail locations and through a variety of online payment methods. BTC Corp owns and operates premium brands in several global markets, creating a trusted ecosystem and fostering utility of Bitcoin through industry leading products, platforms and education
Metech international limited
MeTech International Limited

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